The Race

The Race

Experience running on trails in East Africa and you'll never look at road running the same way

The participants and spectators

You'll be running on trails alongside Ugandan and East African nationals in the home of distance running, where the passion will astound you.

Local children will come streaming out of their homes and schools to wave and clap (and more often then not run alongside you - putting you to shame with the bare feet and relentless speed).

The other international runners you race with will have the same love of adventure and challenge. You'll spur each other along and manage more laughter and smiles than you ever expected!

Did somebody order some morale? 


Words almost fail us here. The three courses take you northwest of Fort Portal. You'll run through villages and trading centres, then the terrain will open up and you'll find yourself running in the most spectacular surroundings you can imagine.

The Rwenzori Mountains stand proud and beautiful ahead of you. The Rift Valley opens wide and reaches for miles, eventually disappearing from view in a haze that melts into the vast Lake Albert on a clear day.

Underfoot you'll be plodding along hard packed dirt trails, an absolute dream for runners' joints.

Whether you're new to this running malarky or a trail runner extraordinaire, this course will absolutely delight you. There will be challenges; it's hilly and at an altitude of 1500m. It's likely to be warmer than you're used to. But rest assured, this isn't the first marathon we've set up or run in Uganda over this type of course so we can say with utter utter confidence that this will be an experience of a lifetime.


We have a fantastic group of medics from the UK coming to support us on race day and look after you. We've worked with them before so have absolute faith you're in the safest and friendliest of hands.

The team are volunteering their time and expertise to stay with us. They'll also be working in the area and in a refugee camp, hugely helping communities affected by malaria, HIV and other medical conditions they don't have the money or expertise to treat. 

We can't thank Exile Medics enough for being part of RRM 2016!


Race day will begin with breakfast so you'll be set for the run.

During the race there will be water stations along the course and you can also leave pre-made-up rehydration drinks at designated points. 

After the race there will be an enormous BBQ buffet lunch at the finish line for you to enjoy with all the runners (locals, expats and the other internationals) while you celebrate.

Other course and race information, from timing to the terrain, can be found on our info page.