All fundraising is optional and there's no pressure to do so but if you would like to, we'll support you in whichever way we can, whether you're aiming to raise £20 or £2000. 

Running the Rift Marathon is 100% not for profit. Every penny of our proceeds goes to KCDC, read more below.

If, like us, you think the Running the Rift Marathon is so much more than just a race, why not turn this unique experience into an amazing opportunity to raise money from friends, family and colleagues and help worthy causes. You can choose to donate to the charity we support out in Uganda, or a charity close to your heart (or a mixture!). 

We support Kyaninga Child Development Centre (KCDC), a charity that helps Ugandan children with disabilities, a service hugely needed in this part of the world and making such an enormous and important difference. You can read more about KCDC by following this link. During your stay you will also have the opportunity to meet and play with some of the children at the 'special olympics' event and see how your fundraising will change lives.